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THE BARBIE MOVIE HAS SMASHED THE BOX OFFICE WITH 1 MILLION DOLLARS GLOBALLY IN ONLY 17 DAYS. Margot Robbie who plays the iconic doll, Barbie and Co-Star Ryan Gosling who plays Ken has fans speculating a sequel. Despite source claims that certain countries have banned the film, none the less Barbie still wins as a […]

THE WILDFIRE IN HAWAII HAD UNFORTUNATELY TOOK MAUI BY SURPRISE. Locals, tourists and many others had zero time to prepare for a Wildfire that begun without warning on Tuesday August 8th in Maui. Satellite images show the devastation and how the wildfires burned throughout Lahaina. The death toll has skyrocketed passed 60 and displaced more […]

Ciara and her handsome husband Russell Wilson of the Denver Broncos are expecting a third child together and a fourth for hit singer Ciara.  Fans have gone viral with overflowing love and support for the Level Up, pair and we couldn’t be any happier. This will be the fourth child for Ciara who also shares […]

We may have to revisit this again later but lets spill some tea. Torey and Megan Thee Stallion have been going back and forth on this shooting case. We’re now getting reports from sources that Rapper Torey Lanez was sentenced to 10 years in prison for shotting Megan Thee Stallion. Click Here for more on […]

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