Press Release: Guam Cancer Care Relaunches Fund Program

Written by on July 15, 2020


(Guam- July 13, 2020): Guam Cancer Care makes a major announcement.  Guam Cancer Care is re-launching its’ Supplemental Financial Assistance Fund Program to honor Christine Lewis, who passed away on July 10, 2020 after a long and inspirational struggle with cancer.  The Supplemental Financial Assistance Fund will be renamed the Christine Lewis Memorial Fund.  


The Fund was initially set up in 2019 with a donation made by Christine and her husband Dr. Sam Friedman.  Upon making this initial donation, Christine commented, “Working at the longest-standing cancer clinic on Guam, I see the trials and tribulations that Guam cancer patients face on a daily basis.  Funding has always been an issue and a deterrence from getting access to care. It had always been my wish to be able to assist my fellow Guam residents afflicted by cancer, and I am humbled to be able to work with Guam Cancer Care to be make this a reality, so more cancer patients can get access to care.”  Christine, a Guam native, knew the physical and emotional struggles cancer patients endure.  Not only was she the manager of the Cancer Center of Guam, but she heroically battled cancer for over two decades.   


Dr. Friedman, the medical director of the Cancer Center of Guam, said, “Although I am deeply saddened by the passing of Chris, I know she will be happy that others will benefit from the financial support this program can provide to the many Guam cancer patients who desperately need and will benefit from this program.” Dr. Friedman encourages others to donate to the Christine Lewis Memorial Fund in order to assist Guam cancer patients as they navigate through the continuum of care and to honor Christine, who did so much to help in advancing patient care on Guam. 


Guam Cancer Care directly supports patients by providing financial assistance, patient navigation services,  screening, transportation, supplies, and more.  Christine and Dr. Friedman’s generous donation is used to provide additional direct financial assistance to patients.  


“As the Guam Cancer community mourns the loss of a pioneer and true advocate for cancer patients, we know that Christine’s memory and legacy will live on, and that her wish to help more fellow Guam cancer patients, will continue to be realized through this patient support program.  This fund will truly help more Guam cancer patients get access to care, which is desperately needed for our Guam community.” stated Terry Cuabo, Guam Cancer Care’s Executive Director.


Cancer has touched the lives of so many Guam residents. Every resident Guam either has a family member or close friend who has suffered from this deadly disease.  Although significant breakthroughs have been made to improve cancer treatments, the corresponding cost of cancer care has significantly increased as well Financial Assistance grant programs such as the Christine Lewis Memorial Fund, gives Guam cancer patients an additional resource at their disposal to bridge the gap in accessing much-needed care.  

For more information about the Christine Lewis Memorial Fund or any of the direct support programs under Guam Cancer Care, please call the Guam Cancer Care office at 969-2223 or email their Program Director, Ellie Ongrung at or Executive Director, Terry Cuabo at or visit their website at

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