Mental Health Awareness Month – Tips to Clear Your Mind

Written by on May 21, 2020

It is Mental Health Awareness Month and here at Power 98 we understand that sometimes it’s not just nothing..there are many mental disorders out there and although these tips may not be for everybody we hope that it can help in some sort of way.



as someone who goes through days that just seem like you can’t bear to get through, I always try to find something to keep my mind busy, so that I just don’t sit there and wallow in my thoughts.


I would suggest clearing your mind but taking some deep breaths, I like to hold my breathe for 5 seconds and then breathe out. Depending on how I feel I do that about 5 times.

A lot of times when we are depressed, or anxious or just feeling like we have no control over the world and it is out to get us..think again. You have control over small things and that’s where you can start. Clean up your room, or maybe a little space that has become cluttered. Have a pile of clothes laying around , sort them, put them in a basket or fold them. Doing small things like that puts you in control.



thats your Tip for Clearing your mind. Please continue to push through it all. Life is always going to make it seem like you have nobody and you’re not worth anything…but if you were really alone or worthless…I wouldn’t be writing this post ! Stay healthy furbabies !



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