Written by on January 10, 2018

Hafa Adai and what’s up to my peeps quad!

So here’s the deal, I love singing comp television shows and I am super stoked for the return of American Idol, but I am also pleasantly surprised by how BA the new singing BATTLE show on FOX6 is… THE FOUR IS FREAKING AWESOME!

In this show, there are four really good singers picked at the start.  Then, every week more people come through and try and challenge the four for thier spot.  It really is like nothing we have ever seen and it gets down right SAVAGE!

Diddy, Megan Trainor, record Exec Charlie Walk and DJ Khaled are the mentors and Fergie’s fine behind serves as host.

Here is a snip it of the talent on the show!  I dig it!

Kyle Mandapat is the Director of FM Operations at the Sorensen Media Group.  He oversees Power 98, 105.1 KAT-FM, 99.5 The Shark and Power 99 FM in Saipan.  He also loves Keleguen and Pancit and is a huge Karaoke Enthusiast. 

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