Written by on May 28, 2020

Hafa adai and what’s up to my peep squad!   Another week in the bucket and another opportunity to take a look at the world through my cake colored glasses.  As we prepare to continue on our road to “normalcy” I have been doing a lot of reflecting.   It is nothing short of amazing how we as a people have gotten through the past 3 months of being stuck in the house without clawing at each other or being featured on a Guam version of Jerry Springer.   Personally, I got through it by finding fun ways to keep me and my kids occupied. 

Here are 3 things I did with my kids to keep them from acting like crazy monkeys locked in a cage on a boat in the middle of the ocean!



One of the first things I had my kids do was clean.  No joke.  I had them sweep, mop, wash, dry, dust, re-sweep and all that in the first week.  I figured it was like P.E in school.   Then, things got fun.  As we were sitting on the couch one day, I reached into the couch cushions and I found a quarter.  My daughter was amazed.  How much treasure was in this comfortable piece of heaven?   Well, she made it life’s mission to find out!   My daughter went deep in to the couches, chairs, beds and was on the hunt for any kind of currency.  She found coins from years ago, Japan and what I was sure was some kind of magical denomination, but turned out to be a mummified piece of Spam.  It was nuts!  I told her to save all the money she found for the day when she will eventually need braces.  She laughed.  I didn’t.


The next thing I put on top of my priority list was increasing my kids’ worldly outlook.  We watched a couple TV Shows from different countries all around the world and tried using their accents.  My kids were sound great channeling their favorite tv shows from Japan, China, Philippines, England, Ireland and more!  Then one day, someone was calling and I noticed it was one of my creditors (who didn’t care that the world was shut down and that my income had been significantly sliced) was calling while I was on my way to the bathroom to wash my hands.  I thought let’s put these accents to a test.  My son answered the phone and politely shared that his dad was in the restroom and unable to get to the phone.  I called them back later and the person said they did not realize “Mandapat” was an Irish last name.  Mission Accomplished.



The last thing I did to pass time in lockdown was… cook.  I know it is no secret I eat, but this time I cooked.  I actually tried to follow a bunch of those cooking vids that pop up on FB and IG.  Most of them turned out pretty well!  Some of them just looked good, but tasted like meh. 

Hopefully, as things open up more you and the fam stay safe out there.  If you are going to continue to wait things out until you are more comfortable and you have other ideas on how to keep your kids occupied, let me know!  Email me at and have a good one friends!  Be safe, have fun and I will see you on the radio!

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