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Written by on March 7, 2021

Police are investigating a human skull found by a pair of YouTubers shooting a video

Lindsay Dodgson

YouTubers discover human skull
Felicity Duffy on discovering the skull. Exploring With Danny / YouTube
  • Urban explorer couple Danny and Felicity Duffy found a human skull while filming a YouTube video.
  • Police reports confirm human remains were found in the area.
  • Some viewers criticized the YouTubers for picking up and handling the skull before alerting police.
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Urban explorer YouTube couple Danny and Felicity Duffy said they were filming a “paranormal investigation” this week in an area of Greater Manchester, UK, when they came across human remains.

Danny, who runs the YouTube channel Exploring With Danny, said at the start of the 53-minute video that he and Felicity had discovered a skull in a wooded area near an abandoned pub on Monday night, while they were out ghost hunting. The video was posted on Tuesday.

The couple seemingly first discovered an army jacket on the floor, then they noticed something else lying next to it.

“What the hell is that?” Danny said, pointing the camera towards the object. Felicity then tapped on it. He then told her it was “no toy,” and it was in fact a real human skull.

Danny then gave the camera to Felicity so he could pick it up and show the camera in more detail. Several viewers commented on the video saying this was inappropriate, and they should have left the remains where they were and contacted police immediately.

However, others noted that people act strangely when in shock, and the couple did the right thing in identifying the skull before alerting the police.

At the start of the video, Danny said he and Felicity were still recovering from the incident and were going to take a bit of time off YouTube, as they were shaken by the experience.

A few minutes after discovering the skull, Felicity called the police to tell them they had found something that looked like a “human head.” The operator told them not to touch it, and that the police were on their way.

“I’ve picked it up, s—,” Danny said as the pair walked to the main road to wait for the police officers. “I’ve touched it.”

YouTube skull
The couple rang the police a few minutes after finding the skull. Exploring With Danny / YouTube

A police van arrived very quickly at 12.35 a.m., and the couple led two officers to the scene.

“It does actually seem like it could be one,” said one of the officers when Danny pointed him to where the skull lay.

“Looks like a skull let’s be honest,” said the other.

When Danny asked him whether he had been called out to see similar things before, the officer said, “it’s a first for me.”

Several police officers then arrived to take the skull away for testing.

Forensic investigators have now confirmed the skull is real

Forensic investigators have confirmed that the skull is real, and are working on establishing the age of the person, and how long it had been there, according to ITV.

Greater Manchester Police told the station that no arrests have been made, and that skull has not been linked to any other crimes at this stage.

Detective Inspector Debbie Hurst, of Greater Manchester Police’s Bolton CID told Manchester Evening News it was a “very surprising discovery” and police were working on the case ever since.

“By the very nature of this discovery, we do understand some concern in the community and of course the sheer intrigue that this investigation brings with it,” she said. “However we are confident that there is no threat to the public and that this isn’t currently linked to any other ongoing investigations.”

The Duffys did not respond to requests for comment but have posted a photo on Instagram of them laying flowers near the scene, as a way to pay their respects to the person they found.

Danny told The Sun he had not slept since discovering the skull.

“It’s very upsetting,” he said. “We often go on nighttime walks to film videos exploring sites and abandoned houses for our YouTube channel – but we’ve never found anything like this before.”

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