Dice is CNMI Purebred with quite the history in Radio broadcasting primarily Power 99 FM in Saipan. The passion Dice carries for fun entertainment is no surprise as this DJ also stems from a family of On Air Talents. Considering a few Uncles whom also carried the torch in radio on Saipan that too has been passed onto Dice. Coming from a mixed background of both CNMI decent and American, you never know what to expect from this jock who’s just packed with incredible energy. It’s safe to give credit to Starburst ( no pun intended ) for all the sugar hype but there’s definitely a sweet tooth with Dice and a high crave for various Asian dishes. There’s really no introduction needed as Dice is pretty grounded with hosting  several events ranging from Concerts to Christenings. You seriously just gotta tune in to feel what the hype’s about, every Weekday Afternoon from 2-6pm for a Radio show unlike any other. Get ya roll on !!

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