Written by on August 16, 2021

Here are some of the Hottest Deals happening right now inside the Agana Shopping Center!! Checkout your DEAL OF THE DAY for Wednesday, January 26th, 2022 !!

** Shoppers’ temperatures are taken at the door, masks are required  and hand sanitizer is offered at the two entrances **

Dive in today for delicious deals that are too yummy to miss !!  Poke Seven !!  Enjoy various poke bowls, assorted tempura, and many more! Seafood and vegetables delivered fresh and ready for you to enjoy !!



Roll on over to Agana Shopping Center and find the Center of the Roll at Cinnabon Guam !! Cinnabon is located on the first floor of Agana Shopping Center and is a delicious counter-serve chain serving Cinnamon rolls plus other Baked goods & Specialty Frozen Beverages. Delicious Cinnabon rolls, the scent and taste. Share it with your family, friends and even colleagues. Enjoy Cinnabon pastries and drinks every day at @cinnabon_guam !! 



Panda Express Home of The Original Orange Chicken is a incredible Fast-Food chain for Chinese standards, including some yummy health-conscious options. You can visit there menu and place your order online @ Panda Express, We Wok for You. 

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