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It went down Friday night at the Tokyo Traphouse! MadeInTyo did his thing on stage at the Globe! A big shout out to everyone who came through and partied with us! Definitely the livest party of the summer, get ready, more is coming your way! Shimmy and Reese turned up just a little bit!   […]

FRESH MUSIC FRIDAYS! Who is Ashley O?  A fictional character from the Netflix original series “Black Mirror”. Ashley O is played by Miley Cyrus, The episode gives a deeper look into the life of a celebrity. Could Ashley O be Miley Cyrus alter ego? Here is Ashley’s hit “On a roll”


HEY FRIENDS GET READY FOR MORE NOSTALGIA So many 90’s shows are getting rebooted, Nickelodeon don’t want to  miss out on the fun! Yes, they’re bringing back one of their hit shows “Are you afraid of the dark?” The show is about a group of kids who gather around in the woods to tell scary […]

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