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All it took was a last minute touch down and the LA RAMS HAVE DONE IT AGAIN !!!! Super Bowl 56 Champs are none other than the LA Rams !!! Congratulations to the LA Rams defeating the Cincinnati Bengals in a remarkable game with a flew slips and fumbles but it was definitely a game […]

How does 200K Cleats sound and where in the world do you where ’em to? You could ask LA Rams Odell Beckham Jr. who has recently teamed up with Dominic Ciambrone aka “The Shoe Surgeon” in L.A. for what’ id say the most expensive football cleats ever

KODAK Black and 4 others were injured outside a restaurant hosting Justin Bieber’s After Party and the gunman is still at large

The 2022 Superbowl was off to a not-so high note when it came time for Jhene Aiko to perform during the opening National Anthem

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