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THE FAST FRANCHISE will be coming to an end after the final 10th & 11th Fast Movies Premier….The bigger question we all usually want to know is probably and most likely about the cast!! So tell us, which new or old faces from the Box Office Smash Hit Franchise can we expect, or is this […]

FINALLY Jada Pinkett-Smith is making Public Appearances since the publicly displayed “Will Smith vs Chris Rock” Oscar Smackdown !! Jada was recently spotted showing support for a few of her friends at the Rhimes Performing Arts Center, which will serve as the home for the new Debbie Allen Dance Academy. This year after nearly 2 […]

And it all began at the age of 15, when he had us all singing “BABY” or “ONE TIME” to the top of our lungs to being married and still smashing the Music Chats with megahits like “GHOST” or “HAILEY”

After 3 hours of deliberations … GUILTY , GUILTY , GUILTY was the verdict brought into the killing of Ahmaud Arbery’s federal hate crime in Georgia. Greg and Travis Mc Michael along with William “Roddie” Bryan were found guilty of all charges including attempted kidnapping. Read more here

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