ACTOR SHIA HAS DISCOVERED NEW FAITH in Catholicism ? Well it certainly seems that for this Transformer’s trilogy star, there was only one direction to go and that was up.

IT WAS A NIGHT TO REMEMBER from the surprise guests that nobody expected would ever attend to wardrobes that had our jaws locked on the floor. But to find Snoop Dogg and Eminem not just together again but at the VMA’s was definitely one for the books this year.

NICK CANNON who rose to fame at age 17 has already quite some resume with accomplishments that many of us could only dream about. Hit Movies and TV Shows like Drumline and America’s Got Talent doesn’t even scratch the surface of his success.  Nick Cannon has shared via Instagram that he’s expecting his ninth baby […]

IT WAS WEEKEND OF A-LIST Celebrities for the Georgia Wedding Celebration , followed by a Honeymoon in PARIS! Aside from the shockingly unusual Drive Thru Wedding we didn’t expect at all in Las Vegas back in July for the couple.

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