It is Mental Health Awareness Month and here at Power 98 we understand that sometimes it’s not just nothing..there are many mental disorders out there and although these tips may not be for everybody we hope that it can help in some sort of way.     as someone who goes through days that just […]

THIS WEEK’S MYSK: CEE BOO Here is a little bit about the talented Cee Boo Cee Boo’s gone International, South African born singer has taken the world by storm, Taking her music to another dimension, putting listeners on another wave length with her timeless music and her unique style of singing with her beautiful voice .  […]

THIS WEEK’S ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: KATY PERRY Congratulations to Katy Perry on her pregnancy, her and boo thang Orlando Bloom are welcoming their first child, super cute and exciting! I’m hoping she has a girl, what about you? Not only does she have a great sense of humor, she’s a woman of many talents. Let’s take […]

Hafa Adai and whats up to my peep squad!  It has been a while, but welcome back!  It has been a hell of a past couple weeks on our beautiful island, that’s for sure, but the good news is things are starting to kind of feel a bit more “normal.”   However, just like your […]

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