After Hours Confession Box: Is rice supposed to be sour? Volume II

Written by on May 29, 2020

Quarantine Gross is the new norm, you’re by yourself anyways so, it’s ok. By the way, according to our listeners, YOU are not Alone!


Snot, boogers … just one of the gross things humans deal with on a daily basis.
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At the start of Quarantine on Guam since the novel coronavirus, we have set up our After Hours Confession Box to hear what our listeners have done so far. We’ll admit, it’s been a totally gross time for us all. 

Brace yourselves, grossness here we go!


You know what they say! A little sour never hurt anyone……….*2 hours later, reaches for the nearest Imodium*

Confessed to eating left over rice from the night before…… Some of our listeners claim by adding vinegar, rice lasts longer…Questionable?



I just need a whole day to myself to download random knowledge to make my life complete. Zombie Apocalypse certified, check! 

Confessed they have not left the bedroom/couch for a whole day…Best Day Ever!



Trying to save on soap, water, sponges, time and energy for this quarantine. I’ll just put my used dish in the fridge to use tomorrow… tired…must sleep! I’m hibernating, leave me alone!

Used a dirty dish.



TBH….I’m so lazy……….

Kept a pile of dirty dishes in your room for days.


No matter how gross it gets, we’re all in this together! Remember when you are out and about, keep your face masks on, practice social distancing and remember to sanitize, your immune system will thank you.


Have you got something to confess? Drop a comment below or make a song request at our home page and drop your confessions there to remain anonymous.


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