After Hours Confession Box: What’s in your fridge? Volume V

Written by on June 19, 2020

It’s quarantine still and our listeners spilled the beans on their must haves in the fridge.

While the list goes on and on, here is our top 3 answers submitted by our listeners.



Catsup made the list too but if you really think about it, it’s the same thing. So glad no one is putting this in their hair like how Big Ed uses mayo. Ketchup is meant to be eaten, period!



We’re not going through an existential crisis *reaches the bottom of the ice cream tub*.  Just don’t bring up bills or how my par won’t get me gas on base, leche I thought we were friends. *scraps for the left over melted ice cream at the bottom of the tub*



Whether you are going through hard times or craving breakfast for dinner, eggs are packed with everything under the sun. As per Google, eggs are packed with vitamin A OK!  If it weren’t for eggs, I wouldn’t know how to better my ramen ante. XD




No matter how strange the contents in your fridge are, let’s agree we all must eat. It’s the only thing we have in common, other than the need to shop for more food. XD Remember when you are out and about, either shopping for your must haves, keep your face masks on, practice social distancing and remember to sanitize, your immune system will thank you.


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