After Hours Confession Box: Where’s the FaFatizer? Volume III

Written by on June 5, 2020

Quarantine Gross is the new norm, you’re by yourself anyways so, it’s ok. By the way, according to our listeners, YOU are not Alone!


Written by Jewels  from After Hours. Tune in Monday – Friday 6pm-10pm.


At the start of Quarantine on Guam since the novel coronavirus, we have set up our After Hours Confession Box to hear what our listeners have done so far. We’ll admit, it’s been a totally gross time for us all. 

Brace yourselves, grossness here we go!



The lines are just too long at the store….I’m already turned off by the line at the entrance and at the cashiers. Forget it!

Confessed that they’ve been counting how much tissue it takes to wipe…



Confessed to catching themselves in the act of smelling their own breath. What we’ve learned so far? Brush thy teeth more often……..




Just freeing the little piggies.

Confessed to being more barefoot than ever before. It’s so liberating!




Where is the Fafatizer?

Confessed forgetting to wear deodorant till it’s too late...



No matter how gross it gets, we’re all in this together! Remember when you are out and about, keep your face masks on, practice social distancing and remember to sanitize, your immune system will thank you.


Have you got something to confess? Drop a comment below or make a song request at our home page and drop your confessions there to remain anonymous.


Love always,



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