After Hours Confession Box: How Gross Are You?

Written by on May 22, 2020

Written by Jewels from After Hours. Tune in Monday – Friday 6pm-10pm.


Quarantine Gross is the new norm, you’re by yourself anyways so, it’s ok. By the way, according to our listeners, YOU are not Alone!



At the start of Quarantine on Guam since the novel coronavirus, we have set up our After Hours Confession Box to hear what our listeners have done so far. We’ll admit, it’s been a totally gross time for us all.


Brace yourselves, grossness here we go!



Maybe you’re trying to save money on your water bill by stretching out your hygiene. You’re stuck at home anyways, whose going to judge?


Tooth paste has become so expensive, $5 can literally pay for a box of quarantine snacks or a bag of rice.


Not doing much but exhausting my full potential of being a couch potato watching everything on Netflix, Hulu and youtube.


Let’s talk about toilet paper……we never had a shortage on Guam, thank goodness. What you see is the Tabo, all you need is water and the little bucket. Let’s hope that’s what our listeners were talking about….unless……no we don’t want to dig any deeper.

No matter how gross it gets, we’re all in this together! Remember when you are out and about, keep your face masks on, practice social distancing and remember to sanitize, your immune system will thank you.


Have you got something to confess? Drop a comment below or make a song request at our home page and drop your confessions there to remain anonymous.


Love always,




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