After Hours Confession Box: Face mask acne, why!? Volume VI

Written by on June 26, 2020

Face masks is the new norm, you find strange new ways to dress up and find comfort wearing this new thing…whether it’s too small or too thick, we know, it is a total struggle! By the way, according to our listeners, YOU are not Alone!


Written by Jewels  from After Hours. Tune in Monday – Friday 6pm-10pm.


At the start of Quarantine on Guam since the novel coronavirus, we have set up our After Hours Confession Box to hear what our listeners have done so far. We’ll admit, it’s been a total 360 for us all. 

Brace yourselves, here we go!



Why?! I love my face mask design…..ughhhhh….



Confessed their favorite face mask rips their ears off. #FACEMASKFAIL




Can somebody tell me how do I breathe? Never mind, my nose fixed the problem!



Confessed their nose comes out to play every time they talk with their face mask on.




I’ve already tried all the face mask hacks, none of them work well…..for the most, I can draw smily faces on my glasses, there’s a positive!


Glasses + Face mask = A foggy day….#thestruggleisreal #facemaskfail




I thought puberty was enough….lol break out the proactive and pimple poppers XD

Confessed: Face mask acne……it’s REAL….let’s just leave it at that….. #why




No matter how strange the contents in your fridge are, let’s agree we all must eat. It’s the only thing we have in common, other than the need to shop for more food. XD Remember when you are out and about, either shopping for your must haves, keep your face masks on, practice social distancing and remember to sanitize, your immune system will thank you.


Have you got something to confess? Drop a comment below or make a song request at our home page and drop your confessions there to remain anonymous.


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