Month: September 2023

ITS NO SURPRISE for millionaires or billionaires to own global property as they have the money to do just that. Now let’s move to the fires in Hawaii which claimed lives by the hundreds and some speculate by the thousands. We’ve witnessed numerous celebs like Oprah Winfrey, Dave “The Rock” Johnson and more speak on […]

LIZZO say it isn’t so? What’s going on with the allegations and the toxicity? Sexual harassment too? Let’s get to the bottom of this and see what’s really stirring in the teapot. Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams and Noelle Rodriguez are all claiming Lizzo, who is known for promoting self confidence and being comfortable in your […]

BRITNEY SPEARS, 41 had some new ink added to her collection of ink which was recently shared on Instagram. It’s now official despite the Instagram shade from fans amid her recent divorce from Sam Asghari the “MIND YOUR BUSINESS” Pop Queen is no longer married. If this is how she copes with her divorce then […]

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