Month: November 2022

WHAT A BUMPY RIDE it must’ve been but a blessed flight none the less. Imagine being pregnant 36,000 feet in the air and 30 minutes into your flight, your water bag breaks !! Kendria Rhoden was clear to fly alongside family members but before reaching their destination her soon-to-be newborn son had other plans.


November 3, 2022

COULD THERE BE A SEQUEL FOR “DEVIL WEARS PRADA” ? Fans are crossing their heels hoping that it does come true but actress Anne Hathaway explains why it may not work being as tempting as it actually is.

SHARON STONE IS URGING WOMEN to always get a 2nd opinion and trust your body and what its telling you. The “Basic Instinct” actress has her fans and followers completely shook with her recent announcement. The actress has fallen victim to another misdiagnosis and incorrect procedure in her latest horrifying health shock.

IN THE PAST 48 HRS SINCE THE DEATH of Migos member  TAKEOFF a new video has surfaced with the possibility of a shooting suspect. Rapper Offset has recently cancelled of course his performance at the MGM Music Hall in Boston and changed his IG Avatar profile to his cousin Takeoff. Both rappers Offset and Quavo […]

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