Month: February 2022

After 3 hours of deliberations … GUILTY , GUILTY , GUILTY was the verdict brought into the killing of Ahmaud Arbery’s federal hate crime in Georgia. Greg and Travis Mc Michael along with William “Roddie” Bryan were found guilty of all charges including attempted kidnapping. Read more here

Danielle Radcliff was spotted with Weird Al Yankovic on the set of a new biopic where the actor will be playing the legendary musician and parody Weird Al in his upcoming documentary. Read more here


February 23, 2022

Sam Hunt who has brought us hits like “Take Your Time” , took NO TIME into cheating on his pregnant wife of 5 years Hannah Lee!! SMH !! DIVORCE is what she has filed for in Tennessee with “inappropriate conduct” and “adultery”. So who could this mystery person be that he’s being accused of creeping […]

KANYE WEST and Julia Fox have called it quits just months after Julia shared on her podcast how great team #JULIYE was really doing. So here comes Valentines day and what does Kanye do?? He delivers a truckload of flowers with a message on the side of the truck in hopes of winning Kim […]

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