Month: February 2019

February 28, 2019

MUSIC YOU SHOULD KNOW Khalid continues to put out hit after hit! Here’s his latest single ‘Talk”! You heard it here first! Only on the station playing Guam’s best music, Power 98!

CAREER DAY! Shimmy and Reese hung out for career day with Mrs. Paulino’s class, sharing with them what it’s like working on the radio. They were an amazing group of kids! Thanks for having us!

ALL☆STAR SHOUT OUT Happy birthday to our very own Reese the Beast!!! She’s always so fun and full of life!! We’re happy to celebrate your spacial day with you!

WHAT’S TRENDING A huge congratulations going out to Ruth E Carter! She is the first African American female to win in this category. Best costume design! She made the costumes for the movie “Black Panther”!! Awesome job! Happy Black history month from Power 98!

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