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WHAT’S TRENDING Are face tattoos the new trend? Bieber jumped on the bandwagon and got a small delicate tattoo above his right eye, the word “grace”. It was said that Mr. and Mrs. Beiber got nontraditional matching couple tattoos…whoa! Check it out!

HOT SOUP OF THE DAY! RiRi isn’t giving us much to run with about her work on her ninth studio album. Hmmm what we do know is that it’ll be making it’s debut some time this year and that its going to be a reggae album. The album will have influences of Bob Marley! Are […]

BRINGING YOU THAT NEW NEW! Lil Duval started off as a comedian, doing stand up shows across the country. He also had some TV appearances on MTV and BET. Lil Duval had a few cameos in music videos with T.I, Yo Gotti and Snoop Dogg! HE released his single “Smile (living my best life)” in […]

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January 1, 2019

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! We counted down the top 98 songs of the year 2018, all requested music! Didn’t catch the entire countdown? No worries, here’s a recap!

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