Month: December 2018

HAPPY NEW YEAR’S EVE!! 5…4…3…2…1!! 2018 is winding down! There has been plenty of great music and their music videos were just as awesome. Here are the top 20 music videos of 2018. Request all your favorites only on the station playing Guam’s best, Power 98!

SHIMMY’S SPOTLIGHT!! What is Shimmy’s Spotlight? It’s chance for local artist, bands, rappers, guitar players, and many other talents to come hang out in the Shack and show their talent to the world!! We wanna hear your creativity! We support local music and all its amazing-ness!! Send a clip of your talent to Local […]

December 26, 2018

MUSIC YOU SHOULD KNOW: Bazzi has been giving us hits all year long such as; “Mine” and “Beautiful”. We’re wrapping up the year with another awesome hit, “Myself”, Bazzi is on the rise, climbing the charts one song at a time. Request it anytime! Only on the station playing Guam’s best, Power 98!

THE INTERNET IS FULL OF CHALLENGES, HERE’S A NEW ONE! A company is offering 100K if you can give up your smartphone for an entire year. Would you be up for the challenge? If you could make it six months you’ll receive $10K. Hmm this should be kinda easy. LOL! Check out the article: […]

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