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Police In Brazil arrested a pony after it destroyed a car! The pony spent one night in prison and was charged with a crime before his owner and his lawyer got him released. When asked what his story was, the pony replied that it was not done on purposed and he was just HORSINGGGGGG AROUNNNNDDD!! […]

LET’S STACK AR is our APP OF THE DAY on The Morning Blender with Kyle Mandapat! One of my favorite games now brings the stacking to the real world! Install it on your IOS Device and have some fun! Best part… IT WAS CREATED BY A 10 YEAR OLD!          

Join Power 98 and our friends from Coca Cola this weekend as we see who is gonna win some cash money! Every week leading up to the end of the year join us at a different spot for your chance to win prizes and cash!

This morning on The Morning Blender with Kyle Mandapat we played, “SING IT LIKE A LOVE SONG.”Β  Can you figure out what song this is, based on the lyrics?Β  Good luck!  

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